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Our mission is to support musicians and music enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds by providing access to educational opportunities, wellness programs and outlets for creative expression.

Our goal is to raise $250,000 to fund the following 2023 Park City Song Summit wellness initiatives. Your generosity and support will help us reach our goal.

Music and healing have shown to have a connection across many avenues. By supporting people in our communities, and in particular the music and creative arts, we bring awareness to the struggles they face. More than Music℠ Foundation is a not for profit organization that supports wellness through music at Park City Song Summit.

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Things we do

Music education and mental wellness programming for children and underserved communities.

Support for performance artists, including sober spaces, guided hikes, recovery meetups, yoga and meditation.

Mentorship for Women in the music industry.

Support for veterans and their families with a focus on how songwriting helps heal through music.


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